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21 Days To More Effective Habits, Taught By A 5 Year Old!

Anyone who is up to big things in life know that it takes hard work to reach their goals. They also know that they can't rely on their old habits, to get the job done.  Just talk to someone who has quit smoking,  worked their way back into the gym, or started a new business. They know that it takes real, focused effort to change an old habit. … [Read More...]


How Long Do You Wait Before Firing An Employee?

Yesterday I did what most business owners dread the most. I fired an employee.    For 6 months I listened to the same story over and over again. Things were going to get better, and all the outstanding problems would be taken care of. For 6 months I was hoping for the best, expecting a different outcome.   In the end the performance did not … [Read More...]

3 Lessons From Real Estate You Have To Know To Start Up A Small Business

  To start up a small business is risky.   Do you have enough time? Do you have the right idea? Do you have the right customers?   Do you really know what it will take?   While there are many things that you can't control before starting up a new business, there is one thing that you control almost 100%. And that might be the difference … [Read More...]

Doing Business In Scandinavia Part 2 – Big Government and Hard Core Entrepreneurs

In the last decade, Scandinavia has gone from being a socialist's paradise to a power house in the global economy. Companies like IKEA, LEGO and Statoil dominate their industries, and according to the World Bank, Denmark and Norway rank amongst the top 10 countries in the world when it comes to ease of doing business. (Even beating … [Read More...]

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What I Learned From Doing Business In Scandinavia – Part 1: 4 Week Holidays

While Scandinavia might be known for nationalized health plans, high taxes (Drill for oil in Norway, and you pay 78% in taxes!!), high minimum wages and for being heavily … [Read More...]

2015 Could Be Your Best Year Yet! 3 Must-Take Steps To Realizing Your Dreams.

With 2015 just around the corner, I wanted to talk about realizing your dreams. You know, the things that you always think and talk about, but never allow yourself to … [Read More...]

What Is Your Strategy To Drive Up Facebook Engagement?

Small business owners are flocking to use social media as the number one source for new sales and customers, but as most people know it can be a tricky game. Post too … [Read More...]

3 Best Productivity Apps For Small Businesses

Have you ever looked into your computer bag, backpack or purse just to find a bunch of papers or documents smushed between your note book and your laptop computer? Are … [Read More...]

How To Generate More And Better Content For Blog Posts!

Are you struggling to find more content for your blog? Is writers block stopping you from adding more great content? Want to know more about how to generate more … [Read More...]